The Life of Riley at The Fargo Film Festival

The Life of Riley is showing at the Fargo Film Festival on Friday, March 8th. 2:05pm in the big auditorium at the Fargo Theater. Email if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!

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Check in for Screening, please!

We’re getting a great response and the 7:15 show, as you know is sold out. If you are on the list for 7:15 PLEASE check in 30 minutes prior to the screening. At 6:45 we will begin to release seats that haven’t been claimed to those waiting.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me either on FB or at carrie[at]4trackfilms[dot]com

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The Playlist tonight!

I’m doing an interview on the awesome local PBS Show The Playlist tonight at 9pm – I’ll be talking about the upcoming Sneak Preview of The Life of Riley. Tune in to check it out!

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More Local Press

WDSE’s awesome arts program The Playlist, will feature an interview with director Carrie Boberg & a trailer of the upcoming film THE LIFE OF RILEY.

Tune in Thursday night (June 9) at 9pm to check it out. Channel 8.1 here in the Twin Ports. Also available after the broadcast on their FaceBook page.

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“The Local” on KUMD

Once again director Carrie Boberg will be on KUMD (103.3) here in Duluth promoting the upcoming screening of THE LIFE OF RILEY. “The Local” is a show on KUMD which highlights local music from around these parts. Of course RILEY is the perfect fit with great Duluth-area musicians like Low, Haley Bonar (yes, we still claim her!), Charlie Parr, Martin Zellar (from Austin – Carrie’s hometown) and SO MANY OTHERS!

Tune in at 5:15 to 103.3 or check it out live streaming at .

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Director to be interviewed on KUMD

Tune in to KUMD (103.3 in Duluth or for the live stream) on Sunday, June 5th at 1:30pm for an interview with director Carrie Boberg about the upcoming new film The Life of Riley.

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The Life of Riley – Sneak Preview

Join us for a sneak preview of our latest film THE LIFE OF RILEY.

Monday, June 13th

7:15 & 9:15pm

Zinema 2 in Duluth – 222 E. Superior St

YOU MUST RSVP for one of the shows – email to do so. Please arrive a half hour before the show starts to check in (then you can enjoy a 1/2 price pint or an appetizer in the Zeitgeist Cafe). We will be releasing those seats at 6:45. Attendees who fail to check in by that time may have to be bumped to the 2nd screening.

$10 suggested donation – help us fund our festival circuit tour!

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Flyway Film Festival Details

…and on the 7th day, God Rocked will be screening at the Flyway Film Festival – Saturday, October 24th at 11am

The Lake Pepin Art & Design Center Gallery

2nd & Main Streets in downtown Pepin, Wisconsin for all the festival details!

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We’ve begun editing. Well, actually the editing process started after the first weekend of shooting, but my brain has been too occupied to blog about it. So far things are looking good. We’re having a few sync issues between our computer & our external monitor (something to do with the Kona card – most likely that its installed in the wrong slot) but there are work arounds so at least we can see what we’re doing.

We just finished editing the first 2 scenes which puts us at about 9 minutes into the film! GAH! It’s exciting.

Of course I’m kicking myself for having ideas and thinking of ways to communicate with cast & crew a day late and a dollar short. I suppose it’s all a learning process. That being said I’m frustrated. Not with any of the cast (who are stellar) or the crew. I’m frustrated with myself and my inability to get all my thoughts collected at once (on set!) to deliver what I’m thinking.

ANYHOOOOO – we’re starting to work on Scene 3 right now – the bank sequence we shot last Monday. Hard to believe that was already a week ago!

Back to it….

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…on to shooting day 2 and scene #2.

It’s been a long couple of days….12+ hours of work is not what I’m used to. Yeah, I know, I’m a big whiner but so be it. I’ll get in the groove. Plus I have a cold. Ugh. That and/or allergies. It’s hard to tell.

Inside today – no more curbside ‘Romeo’s’ which was nice. We shot a very cool slow-mo sequence that will probably become our title sequence. The cast/crew got really excited when we watched it on playback, which is heartening. A couple of dolly shots, an excellent craft-serviced (!) dinner and on to the next day!

BTW, my short film JIMMY BLACK’S CADILLAC premiered on PBS in Duluth tonight! Sadly, we were too busy shooting to watch it! Dang!

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