Championship Rounds

As we stand, God Rocks, our first 4 Track foray, is about 85% in the bag. We’ve bobbed and weaved with a modicum of success thus far, and hopefully whatever blows we have sustained in the process have learned us a thing or 37 about ourselves, our new gear and our creative compatriots. I have by turns been elated and despairing, which is, I guess, my job. Cameraman Carl, after a particularly stressful day of shooting early on in our process, told me that he’s glad I get so much enjoyment out of film making, because he can see how much it tears me up as well. I think perhaps eastern cultures have a better lock on the symbiotic nature of love and hate than us westerners, but I often feel it profoundly on the set. So before we put our heads down and get back to filming our final 15%, let me pause to thank everyone who has contributed their time and talent to this project. I love you all. You are the reason this collaborative medium is able to take shape. Without the efforts of every single person in our cast and crew we could not breathe life into our celluloid creation, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Now get back to work.

From God Rocks,Jason's Blog,Misc | posted by jason on July 16, 2007

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