God Rocks Offically Wrapped!!!

Wow. Okay. So we did it. One foot in front of the other and now we’re collectively in the bag on our first production. Most of us are still standing and talking to each other, which is good. And we got a LOT of funny, which is great. Also we get to smoke Cuban cigars tonight at our wrap party – ah, the sweet taste of socialism. All in all not a bad way to spend a summer. What next you ask? Well, we’ve already begun auditioning for our next film, so no rest for the wicked, but really, let’s face it, the wicked can keep going and going and…but enough about that. If we are lucky production will become a constant. Tonight is for celebration of a landmark – one that couldn’t have been achieved without the blood, sweat and tears (mostly blood – terribly inside joke that) of a motley crew of actors and technicians. Here’s to you all! By year’s end everyone will be able to see the fruit of your labors. Okay, maybe January (even after they’re wrapped these things take time, don’tcha know). Keep tuned to the website for post-production updates. All for now. Rock on.

From God Rocks,Jason's Blog,Misc | posted by jason on August 18, 2007

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