And Just Like That…

…we are back in production! We started last night with the first little bit of WHITE MAN’S WORLD. We have another shoot tonight and a full day on Monday. We’re trying to go about this production in a little more…shall we say…controlled way. Not so many long, unruly days on set; not so many crazed what do we need-why don’t we have it?!? moments…trying to keep everything even keeled so we can accomplish everything we set out to.

That being said – we are still having some of our usual challenges – people not returning phone calls, locations not quite set up yet, etc but mostly I am very pleased with how things are operating. I’m looking forward to these smaller days when we can really concentrate on what we’re doing and get exactly what we need!

I’m also very excited to be working again with people that we’ve worked with in the past: Steve Lattery, Michael Hartzel, John Agurkis, Matthew Glover, Marcus Trudeau, Carl Sauer, Zhauna Franks, Zach Stofer to name a few. AND we’re adding new faces to our crew too: Alice Shafer, Crystal Pelkey, Matthew Pursi and many others.

A new adventure is about to begin!

From Carrie's Blog,White Man's World | posted by carrie on September 21, 2007

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