Almost There

So we’ve got ourselves a trailer. Must mean a whole damn movie is on the way. After a long dark winter spent in the edit suite, God Rocks has finally taken shape. The movie is currently in rough cut form and we have begun the sound design process – a very BIG part of the final feel of this flick. I am excited and more than a little relieved to report that it all seems to be coming together. Sometimes when you’re on the inside of the process you just can’t tell. Lord knows we had our trials making this thing, but at the end of the day I think our collective talents trumped the adversity. Again I want to thank everyone for their hard work and enthusiasm and hope we can rely on you all in our efforts to “Spread the Word”. Make sure to check back in the coming months as we near our June premiere of God Rocks.

P.S. – To our wonderfully off-color White Man’s World family, we have not forsaken you. You are on deck and slated for a fall release.

From God Rocks,Jason's Blog,Misc | posted by jason on April 5, 2008

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