Day one of shooting – ah! To be back in production! We had a ‘meet & greet’ for all the cast & crew that could attend prior to shooting. It was a good way for people to put names & faces together, a mellow way to start off the shoot.

Shooting-wise things went really well. We had exterior shots tonight that aside from a few slow-driving-no-muffler-cars that kept driving by and gawking, and the occasional shouts of ‘WHOOHOOOOO’ from cars passing along with misquote Shakespeare (& or mis-quoted Rapunzel) “Romeo, Romeo Let down your hair?” things went well. We even managed to cajole the across-the-street neighbors into letting us ‘borrow’ their electricity for a while so we could have things like audio gear and monitors. Very nice.

From The Life of Riley | posted by carrie on August 22, 2009

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