…on to shooting day 2 and scene #2.

It’s been a long couple of days….12+ hours of work is not what I’m used to. Yeah, I know, I’m a big whiner but so be it. I’ll get in the groove. Plus I have a cold. Ugh. That and/or allergies. It’s hard to tell.

Inside today – no more curbside ‘Romeo’s’ which was nice. We shot a very cool slow-mo sequence that will probably become our title sequence. The cast/crew got really excited when we watched it on playback, which is heartening. A couple of dolly shots, an excellent craft-serviced (!) dinner and on to the next day!

BTW, my short film JIMMY BLACK’S CADILLAC premiered on PBS in Duluth tonight! Sadly, we were too busy shooting to watch it! Dang!

From The Life of Riley | posted by carrie on September 15, 2009

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