We’ve begun editing. Well, actually the editing process started after the first weekend of shooting, but my brain has been too occupied to blog about it. So far things are looking good. We’re having a few sync issues between our computer & our external monitor (something to do with the Kona card – most likely that its installed in the wrong slot) but there are work arounds so at least we can see what we’re doing.

We just finished editing the first 2 scenes which puts us at about 9 minutes into the film! GAH! It’s exciting.

Of course I’m kicking myself for having ideas and thinking of ways to communicate with cast & crew a day late and a dollar short. I suppose it’s all a learning process. That being said I’m frustrated. Not with any of the cast (who are stellar) or the crew. I’m frustrated with myself and my inability to get all my thoughts collected at once (on set!) to deliver what I’m thinking.

ANYHOOOOO – we’re starting to work on Scene 3 right now – the bank sequence we shot last Monday. Hard to believe that was already a week ago!

Back to it….

From The Life of Riley | posted by carrie on September 15, 2009

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